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To:       CommonLoops (commonloops.pa@xerox.com)
Cc:       Gregor (Gregor.pa@xerox.com), Steve Gadol (sgadol@sun.com)
From:     Doug Rand (doug@enx.prime.com) x4182 bldg 10
Date:     15 May 87  3:23 PM
Subject:  Change to output-structure in lucid-low for streams

I have a corrected version of output-structure.  The one distributed
with PCL drives me crazy since streams actually print out.

(defun output-structure (struct currlevel)
  (let ((type (structure-type struct)))
    (multiple-value-bind (length struct-type constructor print-function)
        (defstruct-info type)
      (declare (ignore struct-type constructor))
      ;; Correct problem with streams being output
      (if (or (not *print-structure*)
              (streamp struct))
      ;; End of correct
          (output-terse-object struct
                               (if (streamp struct) "Stream" "Structure")
          (funcall (if print-function
                       (symbol-function print-function)
                   struct *print-output* currlevel)))))