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Keyword problem in PCL

Perhaps I am missing something, but the following behavior is a bit of a

Class AAA  has an instance variable or slot called "name".  Therefore
subclass AA of AAA also has this slot.  When I do a 

	(make-instance 'AA :name "joe"),

the slot that gets initialized is the one named pcl::name not user::name.
Why is this?  Because 

1.	the keyword lookup procedure (referenced from
	initialize-from-init-plist in the file slots.lsp) does a simple
	forward  search on the value returned by class-instance-slots, and

2.	this value lists the instance slots in ancestral order, and 

3.	the slots pcl::name and user::name have the same keyword, :name. 
I wonder if this is the optimal behavior.  Shouldn't the more recent or
local declaration (user::name) shadow the older and more general one