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Re: imminent fixes to PCL

   Date: 23 Apr 87 11:09 PDT
   From: Gregor.pa@Xerox.COM
   Subject: imminent fixes to PCL
   The next release of PCL (which should be later today) will have at least
   the following bugs fixed:
   - It will run in Symbolics Release 6.
   - It will run in older versions of ExCL, the excl::fn-locals bug will be
As of 4/29 and 4/29', it isnt fixed.  In fsc-low, this cannot be
compiled by Excl 1.5

         (when (fboundp 'excl::fn_locals)
           (setf (excl::fn_locals fin) (excl::fn_locals new-value)))

I suggest guarding this with a #+sun for now.

Unfortunately, however, there is some other problem; ExCL 1.5 DUMPS CORE
trying to compile fsc.  Steve Hafflich (smh@eddie.mit.edu) of Franz has
managed to get us a working version by changing some declares, but we
dont really understand the problem (presumably at least an ExCL problem,
not necessarily a PCL problem). If someone else is desperate to run in
ExCL 1.5 on a vax I will make the changes available.