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Re: PCL 4/21 on Symbolics Genera 7

    Date: Tue, 28 Apr 87 07:53:46 CDT From: Rob Pettengill

    I have found a couple of problems with the new defclass under
    genera 7.  When I compile a file with defclass and defmethod forms
    (as opposed to incrementally compiling in the editor) - it seems
    that the class definitions are not "seen" in the compile time
    environment and I get errors like this one.  

    Another Problem I have found is that while EXCL is happy with
    either (:accessor-prefix nil) or (:accessor-prefix ||), Genera 7
    will only generate accessors given the latter.  It takes
    (:accessor-prefix nil) happily but then doesn't generate accessors
    or setf methods for the slots.

Both of these problems are fixed in my sources and will be included in the next release.