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VAXLISP T2.2 also distinguishes between (:accessor-prefix ||)
and (:accessor-prefix nil) and does nothting with the 'nil' form
(PCL 4/21/87).  The 3/19/87 version accepted (:accessor-prefix nil).

I hope this is right....

In defclass.lsp in the method 'parse-defclass-slot', the following
code fragment builds accessor names:

    (dolist (option parsed-options)
      (when (listp option)
	(case (car option)
	    (push (intern (string-append (cadr option) name)) accessors))
	    (push (intern (string-append (cadr option) name)) readers)))))

(string-append nil 'bob) => nilbob
(string-append '|| 'bob) => bob

NIL should be special cased since on page 2-18 of the CLOS specification
it is used to specify an accessor with no 'conc-name'.
'parse-slot-description-internal' in braid1.lsp of 3/19/87 has:

(if conc-name
   (symbol-append conc-name name)

			Rick Spickelmier