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PCL in Release 6

If you don't use PCL on a Symbolics machine stop reading now.

If you are already using release 7 (genera) stop reading now.

I was hoping no-one would still be reading this, but I get the
impression its not so.  As you now, I stopped mainatining PCL in release
6 a little while ago, because it was just simpler for me to only
maintain it in release 7.  But now it seems that at least a couple of
people still using release 6 would like to use the newest version of
PCL.  What I want to find out is how many people using rel6 want to use
the newest version of PCL, and how long those people expect to be using

So, if you want to use PCL in rel6, send me a message saying so.  Please
add when you plan to convert to rel7.