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new version of PCL

There is a new version of pcl on parcvax.xerox.com

*pcl-system-date* of this release is: "4/21/87  April 21rst 1987"

This release runs in:
  Symbolics Common Lisp (Genera)
  Vaxlisp (2.0)
  Xerox Common Lisp (Lyric Release)
  Kyoto Common Lisp (5.2)

CMU Lisp (nee Spice) should be working soon, I will announce another
release at that time.

Xerox Lisp users should FTP all the source files from /pub/pcl/ as well
as all the dfasl files from /pub/pcl/xerox/.  Included in the xerox
specific directory is a file called PCL-ENV, which provides some simple
environment support for using PCL in Xerox Lisp.

The major difference in this release is that defclass conforms to the
CLOS specification (pretty much I hope).  Previous warnings about what
would happen when defclass became CLOS defclass now apply.  Once major
difference is that PCL currently does require that all a classes
superclasses be defined when a defclass form is evaluated.  This will
change sometime soon.

As usual, I recommend that users for whom FTP'ing a copy of the sources
is very time consuming wait a few days until some of the bugs in this
release get shaken out by the people who can FTP new versions more