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"Object" System

Hi!  I've read the draft version of CLOS standard and gave my comments
through Symbolics' other representatives.  But I have one question:  Why
is it called the "Common Lisp Object System"?  

I understand the desire to be related to the term "object-oriented", but
pure Common Lisp could already be called an "object system".  Indeed,
CLtL dedicates an entire chapter (number 2, "Data Types") to discussing
the "variety of types of data objects".  I believe that the name will
cause unnecessary confusion when trying to describe the facilities that
CLOS provides over pure Common Lisp.  I can hear CL beginners now:  "OK,
you've convinced me that conses and symbols are objects.  How does that
relate to the Common Lisp Object System?" 

So, have other names been proposed and turned down?  Is this name
finalized or will you take other suggestions?  If you will, here's my
idea for a name: "CL Generic Structure System".  Another one, that Sonya
Keene proposed, was "Classes".

At the very least, I hope that the "Design Rationale" chapter will
briefly mention why it's named what it is.  Thanks for listening.