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make-specializable in SCLISP Version 2.0.2

Just a small point about 
    (defun function-arglist (f)
      (system::arglist f))
ARGLIST is external in Lucid's SYSTEM package, so you shouldn't have
to use double colons.  The intent is that other packages could "use"
SYSTEM, and thus ARGLIST wouldn't need any package qualification.

It may be that in the future, the ARGLIST function will be an "extensions"
package -- such a notion has been discussed on the Common Lisp mailing
list for some time, and many vendors are planning to ogranize their
extensions into such a place.  An example would be Symbolic's use of the 
SYMBOLICS-COMMON-LISP package, which a typical package would want to "use" 
along with the LISP package.

-- JonL White --