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copies of CLOS DRAFT specification

I managed to transfer over the new documentation files
concep.amdvi, concep.cmdvi, functi.amdvi, and functi.cmdvi correctly
and am trying to get them printed from a Sun with an Imagen printer.

I am using "lpr -n" to print them which I have used successfully for
other TeX dvi formatted documents.

With the "cmdvi" versions I get no output at all.  With the "amdvi"
versions I get nicely formatted output that is shifted too far to
the right on the page.  There is about a 2 inch margin on the top
and left sides of each page, which results in the text running off the
right side of each sheet by 3 or 4 characters.

Can anyone suggest a solution?


  Robert C. Pettengill, MCC Software Technology Program
  P. O. Box 200195, Austin, Texas  78720
  ARPA:  rcp@mcc.com            PHONE:  (512) 338-3533
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