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copies of CLOS DRAFT specification

In the /pub/pcl/doc directory are .dvi files for the current draft of
the Common Lisp Object System Specification (CLOS).  There are two
documents, named concep and functi.  For each document there are 3 files
like this:

concep.amdvi     a dvi file using 'am' fonts
concep.cmdvi     a dvi file using 'cm' fonts
concep.ampress   a press file using am fonts
functi.amdvi          .
    .                 .
    .                 .

NOTE 1:  These documents correspond to the current DRAFT of the CLOS

NOTE 2:  The document which describes the differences between the system
         these documents specify and the current version of PCL has not
         yet been written.

         I will be away for a few days, I thought it would be better to
         get these out as soon as possible rather than hold the whole
         thing up waiting for the differences document.