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Eliminating dynamic slots

I'm in a similar situation; we are using PCL to interface to a heterogeneous
CIM database.  The objects under discussion may have a number of
attributes (slots) that require multiple queries to the database to retrieve,
and may not always be needed.  On the other hand, if the slot is accessed,
the info should show up, and then be memoized.  Of course this should all
be transparent to the "user".  

I dont mind pawing around in the code to find pcl::all-slots or whatever 
it is in this release, but I have not succeeded in making a non-trivial 
metaclass at all, let alone one with dynamic slots that is compatible
with the new standard being documented.  Perhaps Gregor could show us how.

I dont care so much about taking a performance hit, and I think I agree
that classes that dont need dynamic slots shouldnt have to pay for them.
A new metaclass makes sense to me -- now how do I do it?