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Re: Problem compiling on LUCID LISP on the PRIME

    From: primerd!DOUG@ENX.Prime.PDN.ARPA
    Date: 23 Mar 87 15:12:01 EST

    Complains while loading the binary from BRAID1.
    Req arg 0 (FIN): #<Unknown-Object 97D1E86>
    Req arg 1 (NEW-VALUE): #<Compiled-Function 969A122>

There is a new version of fsc-low.lisp on parcvax which EVERYONE WHO
USES LUCID LISP should get a copy of.

If you want to save a little time, you can compile it as follows rather
than using (compile-pcl).  It will also work to use (compile-pcl) its
just that compile-pcl will recompile most of the system which isn't

1. Get a lisp with PCL loaded into it.

2. Compile the file fsc-low.

3. Then get a fresh lisp and use (load-pcl) to load pcl.