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Re: new sources work in Vaxlisp

   Date: 23 Mar 1987 14:54
   From: robbins%ramona.DEC@decwrl.DEC.COM

   The file BOOT.LISP ends in the middle of an expression.
   Where is the rest of the file?

No, actually the whole file is there.  This problem is due to a bug in
our FTP server which should be fixed soon.

For convenience, I have created a new subdirectory /pub/pcl/tar.  In
that diretcory is a single file call tarfile which is a tafile of all
the .lisp files in /pub/pcl.  You may have better luck if you try
FTP'ing that file.  If not, just keep trying to get boot.lisp until you
get the whole thing.

Once you get all of all the files, if you still have problems bringing
it up in Vaxlisp 2.1 please let me know.