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changes to meta-objects

In order to make PCL conform to the Common Lisp Object System draft
specification, the next few releases of PCL will include incompatible
changes to the names of the meta-object classes and some of the
generic-functions in the meta-object protocol.

As an example, in the next release of PCL, the name of every
generic-function and class which included the string "DISCRIMINATOR"
will be different.

In order to help me understand how I can help you make this transition
less difficult, I would like to ask people who make use of meta-objects
in their code to send me a message.  In the message, please tell me what
special kinds of meta-objects you define (classes methods
discriminators).  What generic-functions in the existing protocol you
define methods on etc.  If possible, just send the part of your code
that defines your new meta-object class and the methods on it.