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Here We Go Again

I know the disclaimer is silly, but I don't like to put something in the
hands of the masses that looks like an official document written by us
that has not been checked by us. Someday someone will forget this was
handed out to help with the discussion and think it's the real thing.
That's why the metaobject protocol chapter had the same disclaimer. I'll
remove the authors' names, but leave the disclaimer.

Moon writes:

``In the correction to 2-34 second paragraph, "parameter" was
inadvertently changed to "argument".  It should refer to "names of
required parameters."''

I see now that Steele uses the term ``required parameter,'' which we
thought was inconsistent with usage (though we flubbed the rewording

Moon writes:

``In the first bullet on page 7, part of the sentence was lost.
According to the order of what?  I don't know how to say it grammatically,
but it's the order of the classes that define the slot specifiers.''

Hm. I thought the ellided material was sufficiently implied. We'll put it
back. Note, though, I think this section needs more work - we were too
tired yesterday to do it ourselves.