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Re: Inheritance of Slots

    I think we should leave in the :type descriptor. Since none of
    you care about it, let be commune with my compiler and propose a
    reasonable thing, which will probably be a variant of what is
    currently in the spcification.

I am happy to leave it in if you like it.  I thought I had been the only
champion, and I have become decidedly neutral.

    Danny, we cannot relegate all matters to the metaobject
    protocol, though we could.

I agree.    

     Staticizing:  Kempf rightly points out that this is a concern.
    I thought I had a scheme to do it similar to the scheme for
    staticizing function calls, but I'm now not entirely sure of it. I
    hope to rethink it today, but for the moment, Kempf, suffice it to
    say I am sympathetic to your concerns.  

What is your belief about how sticizing ought to be communicated -- and
what price should one be willing to pay for changing one's mind.