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Errata and Glossary

We have formatted and test-printed the errata and glossary chapters.
The glossary was rendered into accurate TEX, but we didn't proofread
it at all. We added a meta-object-protocol-like disclaimer to it and
included an attribution to Moon and Sonya. I'm not sure Linda even read
it - I didn't.

The errata was formatted as a corrections and amendments chapter.
True errata (corrections to erroneous facts) were separated out.
Alterations to the text that did not change the meaning were placed
in the amendments section. Also placed there were the wishlist of
clarifications such as the new ``pages'' about TYPEP, SUBTYPEP, et al.

The draft of the ``Inheritance...'' section was separated out at the end
of the amendments. I believe that the wording requires some minor
improvements to eliminate the last of the confusions (such as what happens
when a slot description has a only a :reader option specified), and so it
was labeled a ``draft.''

We removed most of the extraneous comments about the errata when the
comments didn't add to the content; this was done to to make the
corrections and amendments chapter read less like the Common Lisp mailing

We made some minor wording changes to the corrections and amendments
to bring them more in line with the document.  Grammatical and punctuation
errors were corrected.

Linda will place the text for these two chapters on SAIL today for your
approval before reproduction.