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*early-generic-functions* in file boot.l

In PCL 8-27-87, file boot.l :

The following code attempts to do a (setf (symbol-function ...) NIL).
Commenting out the line and replacing by the subsequent line appears
to fix the problem:

 (eval-when (eval load)
   ;; To try and make it possible to load PCL into an environment in which
   ;; it has already been loaded, be sure to get rid of any generic function
   ;; objects we are likely to encounter during bootstrapping.
   (dolist (x *early-generic-functions*)
     (cond ((and x (symbolp x))
 	   (fmakunbound x))
 	  ((and (listp x)
 		(eq (car x) 'setf))
	   ;;;(setf (get-setf-generic-function (cadr x)) nil)  ;COMMENT OUT
 	   (fmakunbound (get-setf-generic-function-name (cadr x)))) ;REPLACE WITH
 	   (error "What the hell is ~S doing on *early-generic-functions*?"

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