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Miscellaneous decisions taken or to be taken

Moon writes:

  The document says it has dynamic extent; we need to be sure that we
  really mean that.  In July we said "implementation flexibility, not
  really a language thing", but I'm damned if I can figure out what
  that means (optimizing calculation of the effective method?).

The document says ``the binding for the local variable CALL-NEXT-METHOD
has lexical scope and dynamic extent.''

The idea is that a user would not even be allowed to create a closure
that refered to CALL-NEXT-METHOD. I suppose he could, but he'd get some
global defintion for CALL-NEXT-METHOD. We intend to not provide a poor man's
continuation mechanism. I didn't think we even had anything as sophisticated
as hierarchy redefinition in mind when we wrote this. The description needs to
be clearer.