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Multiple keywords in make-instance

If I do (make-instance 'foo :x 3 :x 4), and x is a slot in instances
of the class foo, should the slot be given the value 3 or 4?

For the version of PCL that I'm using now (4/29/87 prime), the slot
gets 4.  Is this also the case for more recent versions of PCL?

According to CLtL, if make-instance were a function that takes a
keyword argument X, the X parameter to make-instance would be 3.
(Page 62, "If more than one such argument pair matches, it is not an
error; the leftmost argument pair is used.")

I think that PCL should deal with the keyword arguments to
make-instance the same way that lisp deals with keyword arguments to
functions.  That way, if I want to write a piece of code that looks at
keyword lists, I can use the same code for both the keyword lists
passed to make-instance and the keyword lists passed to other