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with-slots bug in xerox pcl

Now matter what I try, I can't get with-slots WITH use-accessors = T
to behave differently than with-slots WITH use-accessors = NIL.

I am using the Xerox Lyric version of PCL of 5/22/87 (rev 2), with the
official Lyric release of Xerox Common Lisp.

(defclass point ()
	((xcoord :initform 0 :type number)
	 (ycoord :initform 0 :type number))
	(:accessor-prefix point-)

(setf foo (make-instance 'point))
(setf (point-xcoord foo) 10)

; Redefine point-xcoord to see whether it is used or not

(defmethod point-xcoord ((p point))
	(progn (print 'foo)(slot-value foo 'xcoord)))
; Now the accessor will also print "FOO"
; Define two methods, using with-slots

(defmethod test-getx-1((p point))
	(with-slots ((p :use-accessor  T)) xcoord))
(defmethod test-getx-2((p point))
	(with-slots ((p :use-accessor ())) xcoord))

; But when we use them, they both use the accessor function,
; i.e. they both print "FOO" when executed.
(test-getx-1 foo)
(test-getx-2 foo)