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Agenda for September meeting

Sonya and I have put together a proposed agenda for the meeting
in September.  Let's agree on what the agenda will be by the end
of this week.

Earlier I said that I wanted to leave by Friday noon, but in putting
together the agenda it became clear that 1 1/2 days wasn't enough time.
Hence we've written the agenda for two full days.  Is that okay with

Agenda for CLOS Meeting Sep 17-18 at Lucid in Menlo Park  (first draft)


Discuss written proposals on major areas, circulated over the network
before the meeting and brought to the meeting in hardcopy.  Spend no
more than 45 minutes on each proposal, determining yes, no, or needs
further discussion.  Expected areas for proposals: object creation, new
draft of metaclass chapter, change-class, 1 or 2 others.


Discuss a list of minor issues, to be circulated over the network before
the meeting and brought to the meeting in hardcopy.  Moon will provide a
list (based on one that has already been circulated, updated from recent
mail), others will probably add to the list.  Spend no more than 10
minutes on each issue, determining yes, no, or needs further discussion.
If yes, assign a volunteer to update the document accordingly.

LUNCH (let's keep this short)

Finish going through list of minor issues.


Discuss proposals & issues that were determined to need further
discussion in the morning, in priority order.  Objective is to decide
what will be in the document for the October X3J13 meeting.  Things we
can't agree on here will be listed in the document as open issues.


Individuals may want to work on proposal drafts, writing tasks, etc.
during the evening.

Allocate remaining writing tasks and make sure we understand how we will
produce a document in time for the October X3J13 meeting, to be mailed
out around September 30.  The objective should be for the tasks remaining
after the meeting breaks up to be purely editorial.

Prepare first drafts of material to go into the document, for all issues
where group effort is required.  Each issue should have an individual
assigned as the leader for that issue, who writes the first draft which
is then criticized by others who are interested.


Review what was written in the morning.


Use network mail to finalize list of issues to be discussed and to get
everyone up to date on them.

Circulate proposals and issues list by the Friday before the meeting
(Sep 11).

Mail out hardcopies of the latest version of the 87-002 document
immediately (no further editing is planned, right?).