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Re: Name That Class

    Date: Mon, 10 Aug 87 12:15:15 MST
    From: kempf%hplabsz@hplabs.HP.COM

    2) Have the name to class object binding for an entire class be handled
    by the metaclass protocol. 

    Of the two, I prefer the second one, since it gives some flexibility
    for users wanting to define new metaclasses, and also gives some potential
    for resolving the compile time name to object mapping, since the metaclass
    can potentially control this, but perhaps in an implementation dependent

    I'm willing to write up a proposal on this, if there is any interest.

I don't understand how this could work.  If one is given a class name and
one wants to find the corresponding class object, how do you know what
metaclass is relevant before you have found the class object?