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If you make the change to 'class-named' that I suggested in
my last message, you will also have to go through the PCL
sources and edit all the places where 'class-named' is invoked,
toggling the value, when supplied, for <errorp>. There are
9 of these in 6 files:

     defclass.l:            (unless (class-named (cadr option) t)
     defclass.l:  (let* ((existing (class-named name t))
     defclass.l:			     (or (class-named super t)
     low.l:      (class-named name t)
     methods.l:         (or (class-named type-specifier nil)
     slots.l:  `(not (null (memq (class-named ,type ())
     std-class.l:		  (setq temp (class-named sup t)))
     std-class.l:			 (or (class-named class t)
     test.l:	  (let ((class (class-named c 't)))

     defclass.l:            (unless (class-named (cadr option) nil)
     defclass.l:  (let* ((existing (class-named name nil))
     defclass.l:			     (or (class-named super nil)
     low.l:      (class-named name nil)
     methods.l:         (or (class-named type-specifier t)
     slots.l:  `(not (null (memq (class-named ,type t)
     std-class.l:		  (setq temp (class-named sup nil)))
     std-class.l:			 (or (class-named class nil)
     test.l:	  (let ((class (class-named c 'nil)))

Roy D'Souza