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bug in lucid-low of 4/29/87 Prime version of PCL

The 4/29/87 version of PCL (which is NOT the most recent one) causes
the Lucid Common Lisp (Sun version 2.0.3) debugger to sometimes try to
print most of memory to the screen.  Here's how to recreate the
problem, after you have loaded PCL:

   Foo.lisp contains:
      (in-package :foo)
      (use-package :user)
   Foo.lisp has been compiled, and this happens:
   > (setq system::*debug-print-level* nil
	 system::*debug-print-length* nil)
   > (in-package :foo)
   #<Package "FOO" 63F133>
   > 'hi
   > (in-package :user)
   #<Package "USER" 43281B>
   > (export 'hi)
   > (load "foo")
   >>Error: If the FOO package were to 'use' the USER package,
       there would be name conflicts with symbols found in the 
       following packages ("USER")
       The particular symbols involved are:
      Required arg 0 (FILENAME): #P"/usrea0/tsf/test/foo.2bin"
      Keyword arg 1 (VERBOSE): NIL
      Keyword arg 2 (PRINT): NIL
      Keyword arg 3 (IF-DOES-NOT-EXIST): :ERROR
      Keyword arg 4 (DEFAULT-PATHNAME): ".lbin"
      Keyword arg 5 (CODE-AREA): #S(LUCID::AREA NIL
"Readonly-Non-Pointer-Area" NIL 0 NIL (#<Unknown-Object C460002> .
#<Unknown-Object 26A4E>) NIL (0 . 0) NIL (328581110 . 0) NIL (328581110
. 0) NIL 0 NIL #S(LUCID::REGION NIL 0 NIL (#<Unknown-Object C460002> .

The fix I did for this is to go into lucid-low.lisp and comment out
the redefinition of the function lucid::output-structure.  Does anyone
out there know why lucid-low.lisp redefines lucid::output-structure?
Is this bug in the most recent version?