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Re: :accessor-prefix bug

    Date: Fri, 2 Oct 87 17:00:35 EDT

       Date: 30 Sep 87 11:10 EDT 
       From: Rick.Busdiecker@H.GP.CS.CMU.EDU
       Subject: Re: :accessor-prefix bug
       I would think that the correct Common Lisp way to deal with the
       question would be to handle it the same way that defstruct handles
       conc-name.  This first proposal seems like the right way to go.  Are
       the certain circumstances that you mention also problematic for
       defstruct, or are the problems unique to defclass?

    Has this question been answered?   If so, I missed it.

After OOPSLA, I will send a more detailed reply to this.  The short form
of the answer is that the current mechanism used by defstruct has the
package problems described in an earlier message.  defstruct interns its
constructed symbols in the package which is the value of the dynamic
variable *package* at <<some not very well specified time>>.  This can
lead to surprising results under certain not very well defined