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Re: Amendments requiring additional writing

DGB  I would prefer to say:

	The \CLOS\ guarantees that the user can change
	the definition of an existing class that is a standard-class,
	and cause its instances to be updated. 
	Whether redefining a class that is not a standard-class
	causes existing instances to be updated is up to the implementor of
	the particular metaclass.  ``The \CLOS\ Meta-Object Protocol'' will
	describe how to control this. 

Moon   I can't see any difference between these two paragraphs, except
    that your suggested replacement is less direct, because the reader
    has to turn elsewhere to find out what a standard-class is.  As far
    as I can tell there are no programs that would work under the first
    paragraph but not under the second.

It is exactly this level of indirection I am encouraging because it will
not eventually be misleading.  Later caveats about when defclass doesn't
produce standard-classes will not change the correctness of this