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Re: initialize-instance

> Date: Tue, 1 Dec 87 04:40 EST
> From: Steve Strassmann <straz@MEDIA-LAB.MEDIA.MIT.EDU>
> Subject: initialize-instance
> I'm trying to run some code which initializes instances after creation.
> >From the CLOS documentation, it looks like I should be putting this in
> initialize-instance. However, this doesn't seem to be working in the Aug.27
> release. 

"initialize-instance" was added to the CLOS spec a little too recently
to have appeared in PCL yet. I don't know what the "standard"
replacement is, but we have been defining a method "initialize" on the
new type which does the specialized initialization and does a
"call-next-method" to do the more general initialization. The lambda
list for initialize is:

(defmethod initialize ((object <type>) init-plist)...

the source for (initialize (object object) init-plist) is in the file