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Some clarification:

   Date: Tue, 16 Feb 88 12:24 PST
   From: Gregor.pa@xerox.com

   1) There is a new version of PCL on parcvax.xerox.com.  For people who
   already have the Valentine's day version all you need to do is copy the
   methods.lisp file.  Other should copy the whole system.  This fixes an
   intermittent garbage collector bug in Franz Lisp.
   2) I will be gone for a couple of weeks starting today, so I won't be
   able to fix any bugs during that time.

I spoke with Gregor about this shortly before he left.  The problem is
not with the gc itself.  PCL changes function objects on the fly, and
when it modifies a function that is open on the stack, it overwrites
information the generation scavenger needs to walk the stack.

Anyway, Gregor's change didn't address the real problem.  I'm working
on the changes necessary to fin.lisp .  In Gregor's absence, I'll try
to leave the revisions on parcvax for FTP, or if that fails, to post
the changed code.  In any case, this problem only affects Franz Inc
Allecro CL version 2.2 (and 3.0) with the new generation scavenging
garbage collector.  Version 2.0 is not affected by this problem.

Steven Haflich
Franz Inc