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Help running PCL under Franz

   From: fritzson@prc.unisys.com (Richard Fritzson)

   I'm trying to get PCL to run on our SUN 3/60s under 
   Franz Extended Common Lisp 1.4 (12/18/86 12:33).

   I can't get through the compile because, in excl-low, in the function
   definition for set-function-name-1, I get
   Error: excl::fn_symdef is not a known location specifier for setf.

Although excl-low was written for 1.1.2, it has since been changed to
track later versions and now is maintained against 2.x .  You could
try the current pcl with 1.4 if you change just a couple things in
your pcl sources.  It might or might not work -- I don't have any easy
way to test it right now:

 In excl-low.lisp, just comment out the SET-FUNCTION-NAME-1 definition.

 In fin.lisp, SET-FUNCALLABLE-INSTANCE-FUNCTION, comment out the setf
for FN_SYMDEF and also FN_LOCALS (which is already conditionalized out
for VAX).

See if these changes get you any further.

Steve Haflich
Franz Inc