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Help running PCL under Franz

I'm trying to get PCL to run on our SUN 3/60s under 
Franz Extended Common Lisp 1.4 (12/18/86 12:33).

I can't get through the compile because, in excl-low, in the function
definition for set-function-name-1, I get

Error: excl::fn_symdef is not a known location specifier for setf.

excl::fn_symdef does do what one would expect, e.g. (fn_symdef
(symbol-function 'car)) ==> car, but it won't work as a location
specifier for setf.

I'm accustomed to PCL on the Xerox machines, but not on SUNs. Can
someone in the know about Franz Common Lisp tell me if I'm running too
old a version (or too new a version? The comment in excl-low says that
it was written for excl version 1.1.2.) 


	-Rich Fritzson