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bug in 2-3-88 beta release?

For "beta test release of Febuary 3rd 1988",
the walker chokes on <scl:with-character-style> in the following,
under Symbolics Genera 7.1. This didn't happen in the Aug 87 release.

(defmethod graph-subclasses ((root-class Class)
			     (stream *standard-output*)
			     (include-root? t))
    (if include-root?
	(direct-subclasses root-class))
    #'(lambda (thing stream)
	(scl:with-character-style ('(:fix :roman :very-small))
	  (scl:present thing 'class :stream stream)))
    :stream stream
    :root-is-sequence (not include-root?)
    :dont-draw-duplicates t
    :orientation :horizontal
    :border '(:shape :rectangle)
    :column-spacing 8 
    :within-column-spacing -2
    :default-drawing-mode :line
    :test #'eq))

John Alan McDonald, Statistics, GN-22, U of W, Seattle, Wa. 98195
(206) 545 7438, 543 2517