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Re: Naming

    Date: 4 Feb 88 16:53 PST
    From: Danny Bobrow <Bobrow.pa>

	We need to decide by the end of the weekend what to do about
	naming. I strongly hesitate to make the change (if it can be said
	that one can strongly hesitate). If we make the change I prefer the
	terms NAME-<word> over SYMBOL-<word>. I worry that we will make an
	ugly mistake in doing this.

    To avoid such ugliness, let us leave symbol-class and (setf symbol-class) with a
    restriction to symbols.    

    However, let us take out any restriction about what can be stored/returned from
    class-name.  Then the dynamic-class hack can work using its own class lookup
    mechanism, and class-name can contain the hint about what the class is.