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Scoping of init-plist in initialize

I finally got our window system to compile (compilation is very slow under
excl3.0 beta!) and am getting to interesting problems.  It turns out
that (lacking a real init protocol) I have been playing close to the
edge under previous releases of pcl.  For example:

(defmethod INITIALIZE ((self NX-WS-CONNECTION) init-plist)
  (declare (special *window-server-connections*))
  (setf (getf init-plist :ws-connection) self)
  (setf (getf init-plist :root-canvas) self)
  (nx-init-connection self)
  (cache-special-cursors SELF)
  (push self *window-server-connections*)
;and in the very last inherited method
(defmethod initialize ((self region) init-plist)
    (location size x-origin y-origin width height) init-plist
    ;(call-next-method) doesn't pick up the augmented init-plist
    (pcl::initialize-from-defaults self)
    (pcl::initialize-from-init-plist self init-plist); but this did
    ...local key handling ...))

In any case by explicitly calling initialize-from-init-plist with
init-plist,  I was able to get my augmented plist info in the slots
and then use it in the ":after" part of a specialized method on the
way out. (hack, hack, hack ...)

In the new scheme my augmented init-plist isn't seen by any of the
call-next-method calls at all.  Is there any way to hack around this until
initialize gets fixed up?


  Robert C. Pettengill, MCC Software Technology Program
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