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Problems with PCL Beta Test version 1/28/88

    Date: Tue, 2 Feb 88 17:16:16 CST
    From: Rob Pettengill <rcp%sw.MCC.COM@MCC.COM>

       Redistributed: CommonLoops.pa
       Date: Sat, 30 Jan 88 14:00:26 CST
       From: Rob Pettengill <rcp%sw.MCC.COM@MCC.COM>

       2. The new with-slots* does not work when new name bindings are spedified
       for slots.  For example:

       3. I also have the following error which occurs on a trivial defmethod at
       the end of a long pcl file (which compiles fine under the August
       version of pcl):
	->(ERROR "Received signal number ~s ~@[(~a)~]" 11 "Segmentation

    Sorry, problem #2 was a red herring.  It only occurs after I have
    gotten the segmentation violation error, #3, in the running lisp

I am glad to hear this since I was unable to reproduce it here.  I
believe your segmentation violation may be happening because you are
defining a method with a non-congruent lambda list.  Admittedly you
should get a better error message, but try checking to see if that is
what is causing this.