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DEFMETHOD Specification

    Date: Fri, 15 Jan 88  10:31:52 CST
    From: Patrick H Dussud <DUSSUD@jenner.csc.ti.com>

    If the DEFMETHOD spec, in the second paragraph [ If (fboundp function-specifier) is
    nil], it says that the lambda-list of the [created] generic function is congruent
    with the lambda-list of the method.  This is not specific enough, given our rules
    on lambda-list congruence.

    The issue is:
    If the method lambda-list contains  some keys, do we create the generic function
    lambda-list with  these keys present? If we do, then we enforce the fact that every 
    method for this generic function must accept these keys. 
    I think that we shouldn't put them in the generic function lambda-list, but either
    way, this needs to be specified.

Good point.  The generic function lambda-list should have &key with no
parameter specifiers after it in this case.  The document should say this