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Alternative Proposal for class updating

The follwoing is based on suggstions made at the meeting by Gabriel, Dussud and
Moon. It is still a sketch.  If it seems about right I will send a more complete
writeup.  It replaces the class specific generic functions  

It replaces the .  I want to consider the following as a replacement for
update-class, propagate-class-update, and update-class-locally with some general
mechanisms that have wider applicability.   These include a facility for
reinitialization, a facility for recording dependents for a specific object, and
a protocol for updating those dependents. 

The generic functions used are:


reinitialize-instance (object &rest reinit-args)

This generic function is intended to initialize again the object.  The default
method augments the given reinit-args using default-initargs, checks the
arguments, and calls initialize-instance.  It then updates any dependents

method-keyword-arguments (generic-function list-of-arguments)

This generic function provides an facility to help users to write code for
checking legality of keyword arguments.

Recording dependencies.

add-dependent(object dependent &key)
remove-dependent(object dependent &key)

These three generic functions allow the recording of dependencies.  Nothing is
specified about what the dependencies are.

The real work is done here:

update-dependent(object dependent &key)

Here are some sketches of methods:

(defmethod reinitialize-instance 
     ((object standard-object) &rest reinit-args)
  (let*((arglist (list object)
              (method-keyword-arguments #'initialize-instance arglist)
              (method-keyword-arguments #'reinitialize-instance arglist)
              (class-all-slot-initargs (class-of object)))))
     ;;; check the keyword arguments
     (loop (key in reinit-args by cddr)
        (or (member key acceptable-args) (error ...))
     ;;; now initialize the instance
     (apply #'initialize-instance
            (default-init-args object reinit-args)
     ;;; update all dependents
     (loop (dep in (all-dependents object))
        (apply #'update-dependent object dependent reinit-args))

(defmethod update-dependent
   ((class standard-class) (dependent standard-class)
    &key direct-superclasses direct-slots direct-options)
   ;;; mark-inheritance as unfinalized, 
   ;;; potentially make-instances-obsolete.)

(defmethod finalize-inheritance ((class standard-class))
    ;;; compute-cpl
    ;;; compute-slots
    ;;; add us as dependent to all classes on
    ;;; class-precedence-list.  Note that this includes us.
    ;;; mark as finalized.)

(defmethod reinitialize-instance :before
  ((class standard-class)
   &key direct-superclasses direct-slots direct-options)
  ;;; unhook old direct-subclass pointers and add new ones
  ;;; undefine old accessors that are no longer needed)