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Re: add-method when method exists

     Date: Mon, 28 Dec 87 14:53 EST
     From: "David A. Moon" <Moon@scrc-stony-brook.arpa>
     Subject: Re: add-method when method exists 

     3)Should add-method become add-or-replace-method
I agree with the semantics, I would propose to keep the name as simple as possible.
If we qualify the name, people will expect to find other variations like 

     4) Precisely when are errors signaled

Since we allow forward references for classes, we need to allow illegal states
for generic functions temporarily.
The following code should be allowed:

(defgeneric trash (object) 
    (:documentation "destroy the contents of object"))

(defclass foo (bar) ...)
(defmethod trash :after ((object foo)) 
(defclass bar () ...)
(defmethod trash ((object bar))

At least add-method shouldn't complain if a daemon method is added and there is no 
primary method.