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Re: add-method when method exists

Summary of issues raised in this message:
1) Ambiguity in the documentation of add-method
2) General ambiguity in the language used in the spec
3) Should add-method become add-or-replace-method
4) Precisely when are errors signaled
5) Do we really want to make it an error to omit the primary method

    Date: Mon, 28 Dec 87 09:26:37 -0500
    From: kanderso@WILMA.BBN.COM

      Date: Wed, 23 Dec 87 13:04 PST
      From: Gregor.pa@XEROX.COM
      In the current version of the spec, if add-method is used to add a
      method to a generic function and there is already a method with the same
      specializers and qualifiers an error is signaled....
Actually the language in the version of the spec that I have is
ambiguous, and may not mean what you said.  It says (2-8) "If the given
method is already one of the methods on the generic function, as
determined by get-method, or if the method object is a method object of
another generic function, an error is