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Re: dependent update protocol

    Because of the way the default methods for
    before-reinitialization and after-reinitialization are defined, and
    because there is no ordering constraint that forces
    updateable-object to be least specific in the class precedence
    list, it is possible for these default methods accidentally to
    shadow real methods for those generic functions.  The best way to
    fix this is to use method combination to ensure that all the
    methods are called and the value returned by each method is passed
    in as the plist argument to the next method.  
I think it would be a good idea to use method combination, but I don't
understand how.  Are you suggesting a different method combination type which
has this property.  If so, what is its definition.  If it uses standard method
combination and before methods, what is the sample code that avoids the bug
(does one smash the plist???).