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   From: fritzson@prc.unisys.com (Richard Fritzson)
   Date: 20 Apr 88 07:33 EDT (Wednesday)

   The syntax of the PCL with-slots does not adhere to the current
   version of the CLOS standard. That's why it is "obsolete". PCL has two
   forms "with-slots*" and "with-accessors*" which behave the way the
   CLOS spec says "with-slots" and "with-accessors" should. Eventually
   the obsolete forms will disappear and the "*" version will be renamed.

One additional confusion: WITH-SLOTS* is not exported from the PCL
package.  Was this omission an oversight, or does it reflect the
"temporary" nature of WITH-SLOTS* ?  Either way, it discourages use.