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PCL compilation error - 3600/Genera 7.1

I have gone a little further in trying to install PCL thanx to Ray Hill at
Alcoa Labs. However, I haven't been entirely successful. 

I haven't yet been able to compile the system yet.  This time I get an
error in the FIXUP file. CLASS-NAMED OBSOLETE-CLASS is not the name of
a class. There is no obsolete-class in *class-name-hash-table*. I
discovered something going on with obsolete-class in the file
std-class. The call to CLASS-NAMED occurs from the first eval-when in
FIXUP file. I know little of PCL to go about poking on my own, and I
was not anticipating these (compilation!) problems when I volunteered to 
install the system at or site!!

Any pointers in this direction will be appreciated. If further elaboration 
of the error is required I will do so. 

				- rajendra

Raj Dodhiawala

FMC Central Engineering Labs
1205 Coleman Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95052
(408) 289-3303

ARPAnet: rajd@cel.fmc.com