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comments from Kathy Chapman

In this morning's mail, I received handwritten comments from Kathy
Chapman on Chapters 1 and 2.  She seems to have marked up almost all
the pages, so typing her comments in isn't practical.

Mostly she seems to have homed in on places in the specification where
the language was confusing to her.  Given that, I think the best thing
to do is for me to give this marked up copy to Dick and Linda so that
they can address her comments by going through the draft.  If they find
comments that require we look into some of our past design decisions
then we can do that on the mailing list in the usual way.

(Editors note, I wanted to say "that require us to reassess some of
our design decisions", but it seems that `reassess' is not a real word.)

If someone else really wants a copy of her comments I could make one and
send it to you, but I don't plan to make any copies unless someone asks
me to.

P.S. Has anyone else received comments from people?