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PCL on TI Explorers

I just attempted to compile PCL on a TI Explorer but failed since there
was no function-spec handler for pcl:method's.  The following simple
handler definition makes PCL usable on Explorers.  This should probably
go in TI-LOW.LISP.

;;;Added by Dan Cerys   22 Mar 88
(ticl:defprop method method-function-spec-handler sys:function-spec-handler)
(defun method-function-spec-handler (function function-spec &optional arg1 arg2)
  (let ((symbol (second function-spec)))
    (case function
      (sys:validate-function-spec t)
      (otherwise (sys:function-spec-default-handler function function-spec arg1 arg2)))))

[At some point, this handler should be augmented to handle other