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Persistent Objects

I and my colleagues have been working for a few years on an
object-oriented database system called Statice.  It provides objects
that are persistent, and shared between workstations.  It uses database
techniques to provide concurrency control (using two-phase locking),
recovery (using a log), and high-speed associative lookup (using several
kinds of indexes including B-trees).  It's integrated with Common Lisp;
it currently is built on New Flavors but will be changed to CLOS when
the latter is available (the changes needed will be very slight).  It's
currently in alpha-test and will become a product later this year.

I've written an overview paper about Statice, entitled "An
Object-Oriented Database System to support an Integrated Programming
Environment", and I've submitted it to OOPSLA-88 for publicatation.  If
you sent me your U.S. mail address, I'll be happy to mail you a copy.