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that's cli::generic-function-p, not pcl:generic-function-p

From 3600-low.lisp, the call to generic-function-p in 
setup-function-specs-to-edit-advice-1 is missing the cli:: package.
This breaks the c-e debugger cmd on smbx systems.

(sorry for the last bug - it is sys: in 7.2, but cli:: in 7.1)

(defun setup-function-specs-to-edit-advice-1 (spec)
  (and (or (symbolp spec)
	   (and (listp spec) (eq (car spec) 'setf)))
       (gboundp spec)
       (cli::generic-function-p (gdefinition spec))
;;     ^^^^
       (mapcar #'(lambda (m)
		   (make-method-spec spec
				     (method-options m)
				       (method-type-specifiers m))))
	       (generic-function-methods (gdefinition spec)))))