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problems installing PCL in Vax Lisp

Hi, I am just beginning to use PCL and I have some problems with
installing it.  I first installed it on an 1108 according to the
instructions in defsys.lisp.  It compiled, loaded, and ran
test.lisp fine despite some warnings.  However, I also need to
have it on a Vax and this did not work as smoothly.  The farthest
I got was with the version released on parcvax:/pub/pcl on March
10 (the previous version crashed during compilation).  I am
getting some fatal compilation errors, of which one contains the
message "No class named: STANDARD-GENERIC-CLASS" (this happens
while compiling fixup.lisp).  Still, all files get compiled but
when I get a fresh lisp, load pcl and then try to load the test
file it crashes and I get the above error message (the first few
tests run successfully and this happens in: "Testing Class
Wrapper Caching...").

Because this is the first time I do it I suspect there might be
some things about installing pcl I don't know about.  I simply
copy all files from parcvax, then rename *.lisp to *.lsp and
follow the instructions in defsys.lisp (after modifying it for
the local VMS directory which I specify as "PCL:").  I would
appreciate very much any help I could get to get this thing to
run.  I am not on this list so please answer directly to me.