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Re: Persistent Objects

We (the Object FADS - for lack of a better name) group have been using the
POSTGRES database to do exactly what you are talking about.  One of the
graduate students (ywang@postgres) has written a shared object hierarchy
which allows some of these features.  I am working on version control and
storing sexp's to recreate arbitrary CLOS objects (ie. objects which are
not shared, but must be recreated when loading a shared object).

As for storing aribitrary lisp in a database, you should look at Margaret
Butler's PhD thesis: _Persistant LISP: Storing Interobject References
in a Database_, UCB/CSD 88/401.

Hope this helps.

Your message:

    I am real interested in whatever is currently available on the persistent
    objects concept. Has anyone written any papers about this? In particular,
    I am proposing a system where large bodies of structured text (usually
    but not necessarily programs) are represented in the running image by
    CLOS objects. These objects also have to be organised into a database
    with locking, version control, read-write access control and the like.
    I understand that someone is planning on extending CLOS to include some
    or all of this kind of thing and I'd dearly like to know about it.