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    Date: 15 Mar 88 06:15 EST (Tuesday)
    From: fritzson@PRC.Unisys.COM (Richard Fritzson)

    The only occurence of yes-or-no-p in the definition of
    operate-on-system (in defsys.lisp) asks its question in such a way
    that the answer "yes" is treated as "no" and "no" is treated as "yes".
    That is, if the user says "yes, load the existing binary", the source
    is loaded, and if the user says "no, don't load the existing binary",
    the binary is loaded.

I fixed this so it will do the right thing when you answer yes in future

    This is, of course, no big deal to fix. But I noticed it right after I
    began trying to use pcl::precompile-random-code-segments. Whenever I
    recompile, I am always asked this particular question about loading
    the binary of the file which contains the call to
    pcl::precompile-random-code-segments. Am I supposed to be getting this
    question every time, or have I organized the files in the defsystem

Yes, unfortunately the current version of defsys will ask this question
everytime.  It doesn't know better not to.  I hope to fix this one day
when I have some free time.